Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cameras lie to me...

I just got back from a couple days at the lake and while I was there, I gathered pictures for potential paintings. Here are some images that caught the mood and feel of the experience from an artistic viewpoint:

I'm working at finding shots that I can capture that reflect the feeling of the moment, person or place. It's hard finding and capturing the colors, composition, angle and perspective of a conscious experience of something in a moment but I am working on it.

I enjoy using the camera for expression just as much as other art times it seems easier. Now I know that is amateur ramblings and all the pros will strangle me with higher wisdom but honestly at the moment I feel comfortable in my infancy as a photographer. I know that what comes out isn't necessarily always good art...but the process requires less of me than working with other mediums. It seems the odds of hitting the jackpot are more often, than with my other tools of expression. Example, I can capture a persons face and all the complexities of their persona, a million times better than anything I will draw or paint. So for me...a camera makes me feel like a better artist...most of the time...I know she is lying to me...but I still relish in her digital seductions.

Now I can't take pictures like this camera maestro; but I am still undaunted and a humble aspiring student.
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