Sunday, July 12, 2009

Starting a movement...

It takes one to get the ball rolling...but its really person number 2 or 3 that catch it and make it happen. It amazes me how many people will jump on the train once its moving but how few there are that will push it out of the station. True leaders hear and see what possibly no one else does at the moment but they need the brave souls that will join the dance. Becoming catalysts is an awkward thing at times. It can feel crazy, lonely, goofy and sometimes the ridicule of those almost unbearable. But then something tips. Someone else begins to believe...they join the rhythm and music starts happening like fusion. The screams and shouts when all things are rocking and shaking are great and all but Lord give me the ones that can step up when everyone else is in the stands. They are the people that can change history.
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