Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's go Adventuring....

This is Panhandle Lake, its a little spot of blue on the map and it was about 5 miles off in the wilds from where we were staying at Diamond Lake. I thought it would be good to grab the boys and go for a little exploring. I am always trying to find the better swimming since it was over 100 degrees out, what better time to look than when you really want to swim. Diamond lake is really nice but its not the cleanest towards most of its shores and I've been spoiled on Oregon mountain lakes and rivers with their crystal clear I am always searching. We found this lake, after accidentally traversing a bunch of logging roads, until I finally found the spot to park and hike into this lake. I found out its a private lake that some Baron owns...400 acres of private beauty. I loathe the rich land owners who take up all this prime nature for their own private use...but thats a soapbox I will preach from some other time. Nobody was at the two houses on the lake, so we snapped some pictures, hunt a bit for some frogs and hiked back down to our truck...since it was so hot and the water by the shore was marshy too.
I thought this shot caught the progressive ages of my boys...Christian, than Austin and then Micah and Kona weaving in and out. On the way into the Lake, I led...on the way out...I followed. I imagine theres a sermon in there somewhere, if I pick it at it.
We took Kona with us this weekend and of course she has to get in any puddle, pond, lake or river we ever come near and sure enough, in she jumped. She is crazy for swimming.
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