Thursday, July 23, 2009

The hope of dance....

"Every teacher of religious law who has become a disciple in the Kingdom of Heaven is like a person who brings out of the storehouse the new teachings as well as the old." -Jesus (Matt. 13:52

Videos like this inspire me and give me hope for the generations ahead. This is an amazing time to be alive...creativity is bursting all around us. The old traditions are being re-imagined. A fresh wind is catching the tired sails of many ships. Resuscitation is taking place and there is cutting-edge technology to capture it as it unfolds. It's a new renaissance and the revolutionaries are mere people...not rock stars, high paid actors, fine air brushed mannequins or bimbo's...its' sidewalk theater at it's best. You can participate if you got the guts, passion, quirkiness or just sheer joy. You can sing off like you have a wooden spine and concrete feet, film your masterpiece from your garage or doesn't matter...just create.

The formal, constricting boundaries of tradition, formalism, religiosity, cultural constraints and norms are free to be broken and honored at the same time. Get married...but re-envision it if you so desire.

I have hope when dance is returning to a people.

I think this tv show is part of that renaissance.

"Don't give a man a sword...until He's learned to dance." -Old Scottish Proverb

(props to Mel for the facebook link)
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