Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Impressionism delivered me....

Van Gogh saved me....as an artist.

Impressionism set me free from mere copying still life and it was the most liberating artistic discovery for me as a mentally mired artist.

I was bound by exactness.

Being able to explore the subject from the impression: the colors, mood, light, form, the displacement of space, or some other impression, has been more challenging and artistic to me. When I saw Van Gogh's work in person in Amsterdam...I was delivered and saved as an artist, because I had been getting bamboozled by realism. Realism was too legalistic for me....impressionism reflected grace to me. In impressionism, I did not have to measure up perfectly...I could reflect the origional and yet be different. It's was a wonderful freedom.

When one stands real close and examines the painting stroke by stroke...you wouldnt "see" the image...in fact you would most likely reject it as a painting of that subject. But as you step back...gain perspective, distance and time...you begin to see that each seemingly random stroke...adds to the meaning of it all and builds a impression of the subject.

So I anticipate my meeting with eternity and the image of Jesus will be one of perspective not perfection. I won't upon close examination be too great a piece, with each day alone. In fact it would be frightening, if you look at it for its stark moment to moment, realism. But, added up, mixed with a lifetime of strokes and days...I trust the painting of my life will be a masterpiece...a testimony to His grace and creative use of life's colors and moments.

I will be a testimony to the mysterious, impressionistic work of time...and I am so grateful for that.
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