Saturday, July 04, 2009

Praying with dirt under your fingernails....

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat..."-Jesus (Matthew 25:35)

Our Church community garden is coming along nicely. It's a lot of work, but its the kind of work that you feel good doing. You know that what you are nurturing is connected to the heart of God. You're caring for His creation, helping the ground make something good for others to eat. You're also engaged in practical mission that connects words to action. It's community development...making a neighborhood better than it was. It's shared labor, working together as a faith community to provide healthier food for families. In the are feeding Jesus, and that mystery is the deepest of all.
This is Ed or Friar Tuck as I like to affectionally call him. He is one of our neighbors and part of Jacob's Well. He shares a lion's share of the daily watering and care for the garden. He has lovingly tended the grape vine and takes pride in its thriving...the overflowing grapes are a testimony to his attention. Seeing his focused love, is one of the fruits of ministry. It's been a long road to this place in time and there were many moments when it seemed everything was against us in this endeavor. But God has been faithful and seeing Ed meandering through the garden reminds me of God's goodness.
These are some of the grapes growing on the vine that is climbing all over the arbor. Not sure if they are good for wine or not, but to me, their bounty is a prophetic witness to a past season of promised visitation. Little did I know in those days of heavy Presence and outpouring that God would take those scriptures concerning wine, oil and bread and literally make them a reality. When I stand in the cool shade of this vine...I am reminded of those words and soon prayer begins to mingle with the smell of dirt and the swish of the sprinklers. It's a true realization of His kingdom coming to literal earth.

It's a blessing when we get a chance to witness our prayers and praise, intertwined in the unfolding works of the Lord...yet one more reason to cultivate a community that values prayerful mission.
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