Monday, July 13, 2009


James Caviezel,Ron Perlman, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston
Outlander: Science fiction meets Aliens, Predator and the great Vikings of the North. Swords, Spaceships, dragons, carnage, good story, pretty good acting. It's not a kids film with an R rating for fantasy horror (ie. tense, scary stalking monster in the dark stuff), Braveheartish 'thunk and chunk' splattering sword play, Dragon with all the 'crunch and munch' eating habits and a couple curse words....but no boobies, if thats your line.

The actors were great, some old faves of mine (Ron Pealman in viking face paint and hammer wielding glory!) and now some new faves, particularly the beautiful red headed, Sophia Pierre and the dashing Jack Huston, who should play the lead role of Thor in the new upcoming rendition of that Marvel character. The monster was great and in a few spots particularly horrific, it's been awhile since I've relished a good beastie in film. I really enjoyed the movie, minus a few weak spots: the uncreative almost rub on looking celtic tattoos, come on! paint up those barbarians. A few too many wide eyed shots of Sophia looking surprised; a pretty face even looks goofy shot that way; and the Catholic priest's character was weak, I was hoping that with Jim in the film we might have a good Christian character, he had kahunas, but thats it. Other than that...I loved it. I also thought the Viking hall with the tree inside was a great set. For some reason it made me think of this movie...I will have to go rent that and show it to my kids.
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