Friday, July 24, 2009

Love and Loathing....

I have no desire to rip on any artist that is producing...but I was in a personal conundrum as I viewed these works at the Rocket Bakery on Main. I rarely say "well a kid could do that"; simply because I know how hard it usually is to actually do THAT...whatever "THAT" is. And in fact, most people probably could "DO THAT" but what separates them from real that the artist "DID DO THAT"...and where most people just sit on their excuses and distractions and never really do anything. But these pieces almost made me angry....on one level...and made me hopeful on another...sometimes the trick is just getting out there and showing, doing and engaging the world of art in order to make doors open. Some people just have more guts...they expose themselves to the process and are not willing to allow the fear that is inherent to the process...stop them. I think its the artists that do not have chronic phobias that get known in life...and the ones that do have those hang-ups...get the notoriety after death. How we are wired can impact the eventual publicness of our work on so many levels. I admire this artist's accomplishments...even though I can't stand the work. So artist, whoever you are; don't hate me if I pick at least you are showing in a public pieces are still hiding in the garage or on a fridge somewhere.
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