Monday, September 28, 2009

The Existential Ape...

My favorite comic for today in light of the doozy of a week that I have been through. It seems like lately there's been a massive proverbial dumping going on and a lot of it has seemed to land in my corner of the world. I think it was most serendipitously experienced the other day, when I was going outside to sit in the lovely sun, while accompanied by the mornings counsel-lee. As the sun hit my most Freudian, congenial self...I stepped in a pile of dog crap. Nothing like spending an hour counseling in the deep matters of interpersonal drama with doggie poo on your shoe, pants and foot.

So after a week of dealing with child abuse, depression, suicide threats, inconsiderate, pain in the butt christians, marital infidelity, on one hand...all while wading through angelic fornication, forbidden and banned books of the bible, 450 foot man eating giants; and on the other hand, dealing with local money grabbing christian hucksters, swooning & juiced up jeezuz, gyrating charismaniacs, and the doe-eyed, perma-grin, modern gnostics...all on the tail end of a couple weeks of family sickness...I'm feeling like a mad ape myself.

I found myself reading Psalms 43 this morning and the words that stood out to me were simply:

O' God. -Psalms 43:4

O' God...what a fitting prayer, meditation and mantra for the start of the week....Got to love David, he knew poo.
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