Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Is Sigourney Weaver a babe...?

So Austin, my 13 year old son wanted to watch the Alien series of movies, so him, Destiny my 15 year old daughter and Tlyer her boyfriend and Christian my 17 year old son and I watched the first one last night. The 3 younger all gave it an OK...me and my eldest give it two thumbs up. The naysayers felt it was too slow and didn't give them enough beastie on screen. They squirmed at a few parts; the tv version of the director's cut was edited, a bit too much I think...but they still got caught up in the suspense. Overall I loved it...especially the added few scenes...the one of the Alien looking down from the dark, wet chains, was awesome!

But then came the Ripley underwear scene....every action flick has got to have a heroine fighting the monster in her skivvies right...it makes perfect sense...well, at least to the money makers. But I digress...that scene unleashed a whole discussion afterwards about the beauty or lack of it, of Sigourney Weaver. You see, Christian has been pretty vocal over the years about his Sigourney crush. So the kids got a up close look at her in this film and all of them were giving him a hard time. Austin was going on and on about her grandma looks etc...Christian defended his ground, even though he admitted that she had a butt that was about as attractive as a sheet of plywood.
For the love of Zeus's Beard, lady, eat a few Big-Macs and give those underwear something to hold on too! Oh and wash them in cold water, then they wont shrink so much! So in the end (no pun intended), we were all divided on whether she was worthy of babe status or not...Christin and I were in the yes camp and the other three were in the "no" zone. Not sure what that all means..but it was a funny discussion.

Interesting note: The director originally wanted a darker ending. He wanted the alien to bite Ripley's head off in the escape shuttle then sit in her chair and start speaking with her voice in a message to Earth. Apparently, 20th Century Fox wasn’t down with that.
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