Thursday, September 17, 2009


Two weeks ago on Sunday morning, LeeElla woke up with some tingling in her left, face, arm and leg. Over the course of the morning that increased into a feeling of numbness on her left side. We were obviously concerned but she went to church and did worship and came home and slept. It didn't leave.

She called our advise nurse and they told her to set an appointment or go to ER. She chose to set an appointment with her doctor. After sleeping, it seemed to subside. But she still didn't feel normal. The doctor appointment was inconclusive, he ordered neurological imaging to see if there was any of the "big stuff" going on, like MS, stroke, tumor etc. So we waited until Wednesday for those tests.

On Monday-Wednesday she improved, not any numbness but a slight tingle and extreme tiredness. After the imaging was done, we didn't hear from her doctor with the results, we called and someone at the office looked at them and said they were labeled "normal" but she could not guarantee that and of course the doctor wasn't in. It was a tad frustrating to say the least.

On Saturday, LeeElla woke up with the tingling again and the numbness came on her left side again. She was pretty scarred. We still had not told anyone about the situation, not family or the kids. LeeElla didn't want to scare anyone until we had conclusive answers. We still had not heard anything from the doctors about what to do, the imaging results or anything like that.

I told the kids that we had an appointment.

In the ER, Lee looked and felt terrible. I was getting pretty anxious. I started realizing that the kids were home alone and if something happened, they had no clue and if I sent someone over to hand there, like family or something, they would hear the news from them. I decided to call Christian, my oldest and tell him what was going on.

That was tough. He took it well, but Destiny didn't. Then I realized nobody, friends or family knew. So I began the work of informing everyone for support and prayer. It was a hard moment, realizing that the unknown of it all. I was not having a good day.

We were at the ER most of the day, going over the test and taking some more. During our time there, LeeElla went from lethargic and disoriented and unable to stand on her toes in the reflex all of a sudden she started feeling better. It was as if a cloud lifted and she came out of a groggy sleep. She went from sluggish to chipper in a matter of 10 minutes around hour four in the ER. It was strange. I was feeling like I was on a roller coaster ride.

Finally, after waiting for what felt like eternity...all the the results and the main doctor came back.

The doctor said everything was normal.

He said it appeared to be some sort of migraine anomaly. She was a bit anemic, that could accentuate the symptoms but other than that it was unclear and the situation was put in that category. We were relived.

We went home and Lee has been recovering slowly. She slept most of the beginning of the week but has been regaining her strength and spirit. She saw he normal doctor yesterday and he confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed some Imatrex.

So, she isn't back to 100% energy wise, but she is improving....we hope that we are through the woods, we will see.

Thanks to everyone's prayers and support during this time.

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