Thursday, June 11, 2009

A prayer request....

"...for your daughter-in-law, who loves you and is better to you than seven sons...." -Ruth 4:15

When ever I read this verse...I always think of Jackie. She isn't my daughter in law, or a daughter by birth...but she is a spiritual daughter in the faith. But I really couldn't tell the difference because in the heart...its all the same when you love someone.

I know everyone always gets emails and requests to pray for this or that issue...but can I please request some prayer for her and her little family, she is so very special to us and so many other people. A couple of days ago, Jackie had a seizure...and then another, another and was an extremely horrifying day. Her husband, Spencer had to witness it all, care for her, ride in the ambulance and stand by her in the hospital as she endured a confusing assault on her brain and body. She has never had a seizure before.

She is currently at home on anti-seizure medication; she has been through a battery of tests and procedures...and tomorrow they meet with her lead neurologist for some follow up results and planning for the future. Please pray that it will be good news and that the Lord will grant peace and strength to face the day and the news. Pray for healing, for restoration and deliverance from this disorder. Pray for grace as they try to re-imagine life as it is confronting them. Pray for finances as they navigate the bills and the realities of possibly going from two incomes to one. Pray that God will be found in the emotional chaos and the uncertainty of the road ahead. Pray that He would reveal Himself in the situation, that His Presence would be known and His will would unfold with a deep abiding peace that dissolves fear, uproots terror and soothes anxiety. Pray that His love would embrace them in ways that only they could perceive.

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