Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prospecting in Montana...

On our Day trip into Montana, we spent time at the Gem Mountain Mine, outside of Philipsburg Mt. It's a tourist stop for those who want to do a little panning for sapphires. We had a really good time. You can watch the short video below that shows the whole Gem Mt. process.
These are the the types of Saphirres that come out of the mine. Christian and I found a white with slight blue tinge Sapphire that I am going to get set in a necklace for LeeElla.
It was funny how addicting this process was. It was the same rush that gambling gives...for $14 you get a bucket of dirt and then the search begins. You are just sure the next pail is going to have your once in a lifetime find in it. I could of spent my whole trip fund right there at that wash-trough. It was kinda scary....I could slightly feel a Gold Rush Fever setting in.

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