Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yellowstone or Bust....?

Well...it was a bust. Our long planned trip to Yellowstone National Park imploaded half way there. My travel buddy and his 6 year old son, were the chuckwagon and navigators for our
trip. At our half way point in Philipsburg, Montana, after an afternoon of prospecting, my buddy had a health scare that prompted need to return to Spokane. It was serious enough to warrant the termination of the planned excursion. Needless to say it was a tough call and my sons were bummed, especially Micah. I thought about continuing alone but we had planned to sleep in the rig, so there was no space for all the supplies, we had no large tent and in Yellowstone they require you to lock up all your gear in your rig. Plus, I wasn't sure it was safe for my travel partner to drive home alone. So it was a bust. But we enjoyed the day, minus the 8 hours in the truck...even though the views were amazing!
"I am in love. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition even some affection, but with Montana it is love." - John Steinbeck

After a day in the Big Sky State...I can see why people speak of Montana's wild beauty. There is something awesome about the wide open spaces with their azure skies, accentuated with billowy cotton balls. The sweet smelling grassland and soft wind blown meadows are painted with and rippling rivers that cut through jagged, rusty red stoned hillsides. The looming snow capped peaks in the distance stands as sentinels beckoning you to come deeper into the wild. I was mesmerized by the little of Montana that I experienced and I definitely plan on returning for a extended stay.

As we were traveling through Montana, we saw a cattle drive off the main road. Cowboys, horses and big Bovine, all being herded along in the beautiful countryside. It was quite a wild west archetypical scene to behold. It made me want to pull over, put on my cowboys hat, slap the 30-30 on my shoulder, stand on my rig and shout out "HIGH YAH...GIDDY UP!!!...or something like that.
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