Monday, June 15, 2009

When worlds collide....

Car crash ahead....These two realities collide to form one huge spiritual traffic jam...lots of blood and guts, smoke and broken glass...and people watching from the side, left scratching their heads and wondering what on earth just happened....


Michael McMullen said...

Words fail me.

It breaks my heart.

Daniel said...

Are we going to host a party??
The leader up front could have been your look a like brother Eric.
Take another look.

I just don't get this stuff.
Talk about life changing, just not in a good way. imo

Unknown said...

gee thanks Daniel...I will work on growing out this chin hair.

FCB said...

I'm still not sure what I just watched, the first video I really liked, such creativity, interesting lyrics, very sobering.
Which is the right prescription for the second video, sobering.
I'm not sure if this was parody or reality, or neither, but somewhere, something has gone very wrong.
Love Dad