Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gathering Storm....

ominous apparitions,
deep earth rumbles,
uneasy footing,
branch that gives way,
pang at the bite,
gathering storm...

winds hot and sticky breath,
seconds after thunder,
footsteps in the hall,
envelope with unknown writing,
call waiting,
gathering storm...

water soaking through panties,
lightening in the belly,
glance of the tiger,
fingered daemon,
arched and sweaty,
eager anticipation, mingled horror,
silence before the intake,
the stuttering cry, the wail.
gathering storm...

Dusk choking dawn,
vine grappling tree,
titans emerging,
wisdom descending,
gone is meandering stream,
come, is rushing torrent,
wolf is devouring the lamb
gathering storm...

clouds on the horizon,
thoughts like frost
leaves descending,
songs leaving,
light surrendering,
gathering storm....

dark garden meetings,
kisses with beatings,
friendships fleeing,
curses for meaning,
roosters are crowing
gathering storm...

eyes lost their gleaming,
stolen touch...more fleeting,
forgotten greetings,
moments without meanings,
eros wounded, slowly bleeding
gathering storm...

oracles like sagging breasts,
blackened mind...past fires burned
lecterns sheets no longer tussled,
widowed is the weaver,
forgotten are the rapturous visitations,
eldering blindly into revelations

gathering storm, awaiting...

Eric Blauer
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