Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christians...what they really care about

Breaking News: Christians Give Poor People The Shaft....read about it here


RickCapezza said...

There is no doubt that Christians need to expand our definition of "Sanctity of Life" to include helping the poor, etc.

But I would caution from making too much of the progressives scoring higher marks in many of those categories. I've been a member of a few liberal churches and many conservative churches.

What I find is that the liberal churches tend to rely a lot more on the government to answer society's problems (not all)while the conservatives seem more likely to work for Habitat or go on a mission trip or donate money (not all).

It's all well and good to "think" a certain way about certain issues, but it has to translate into actually doing something.

Andy said...

So it looks like the only thing we can agree on is immigration?

Unknown said...

Could this be attributed to 'prosperity gospel'? E.G. Jesus wants me to be rich and happy so if you're not, perhaps there is something wrong with you, like you have some sin in your life, or you're not giving enough to the Church. I feel like I've heard something similiar to that in Church before.

Unknown said...

Rick...hard to tell who is doing more on the "activism" point...but as far as "issues" worth getting involved within...I think the data speaks for itself.

I wonder how many of these issues come up on the average congregational radar...?