Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Led into the wilderness....

I read this paper from Ched Myers this morning. I don't think I have read a more concise article that captures the heart of my own personal journey with the gospel; as it relates to personhood and politics. If I could have everybody that interacts with me, read this...I think they would understand the underlining ministry and mission impulses that burn in my belly. This article helped me frame those Spirit & Word "perceptions" in a clearer way. It was like hearing someone speak my inner turmoil and give it greater light. I know that sounds over the top, but it really resonated and explained myself to myself in some profound ways.

I began this mornings study, compelled by a phrase in the book of Luke, chapter 4:1 about Jesus "Being led into the wilderness by the Spirit." when I watched the above video and reached around the 6 minute mark, the Spirit was doing quite a number on my heart. I just had a conversation yesterday with my friend Jeremy from Kentucky, about feeling this inner impulse towards a wilderness season. I was feeling a compulsion towards wilderness. The message in this paper and this video touched that in a profound way.

As we teach through the book of Luke, I can see that much change is ahead...I both long for and fear, the unfolding of this gospel in fresh and life altering ways.


Pastor Erik said...


This paper is fantastic, and really timely for me too. I just re-read the whole Exodus narrative (From Exodus through the middle of Joshua) and was reminded of its amazing power. Its a fantastic story that has led God's people through wilderness for generations. I'm thinking you and I should make good on that lunch invitation.

+Erik Samuelson

Unknown said...

Oh a props to Mike Todd for the initial discovery and link.

Matt said...

I kind of get where you're coming from, but I still have a "can you eat it?" ringing in my ears. One thing I did think about sometime after reading was about something he said about humans still being better at being hunter gatherers than city dwellers. This made me think that this is probably why less developed countries, while poorer seem to be happier and the communities more at ease with each other. Less developed countries probably tend to be closer to their hunter gatherer past. Maybe that's why I feel more comfortable with the poor.