Monday, January 04, 2010

Kill the Gays....Civil Rights...vs....Christian Right?

The religion practiced by the civil rights movement stands in profound contrast to the religion practiced by a truculent and reactionary Christian Right. Where the religion of the non-violent civil rights movement appealed to the heart and the soul of the adversary, the Christian Right views those who disagree with it as an enemy to be vanquished. Where the religion of the non-violent civil rights movement sought to persuade America to become a place where the self-evident truth that all were created equal would become a reality, the religion of the Christian Right wants to recreate America into its own image. Where the religion of the civil rights movement spoke in words of redemption and reconciliation with the adversary, the religion of the Christian Right speaks in anger, vilifying all who disagree with its definitions of what is good and what is evil. -GOD AND SOCIAL CHANGE by Julius Lester

Looks like the Christian Right and the Culture War, especially on Gay rights issues; has finally led to it's most extreme but unfortunate logical conclusion....KILL THE GAYS.

At least that's what it has led to in Africa, particularly Uganda....and it's shedding some really uncomfortable light on some of America's favorite Christian Pastors.

Here is Rick's video response to Africa:

Here and here are some troubling articles about the "battle for Africa"...well worth the reading, especially for those who are wrestling with the "way" we are "waring" on the issues of family values.

It amazes me how American Christians see everything as "War"...and as everyone who is familiar with war knows....someone dies. Is it any surprise that the language and imagery the church uses in it's vilification, denouncing and attacking methods in the culture war...would lead to these types of conclusions?

I'm not surprised....Faith & Politics...tend to unsheathe the sword at some point.

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