Saturday, January 23, 2010

Justice & Mercy need to Kiss....

"My view: the gospel that has been preached in Haiti has left a vacuum—has left the political landscape untouched. The church doesn’t see its business as being a prophetic witness to those in power. The result has been a political sector left to its own devices; this is why the common people were the first responders to the crisis, not the government. This is the result of the gospel being truncated, emasculated, instead of confronting the powers that be to do what God intends for them to do: protect and enhance life." -Dr Dieumeme Noelliste, president of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association, quoted in Christianity Today. 

This is a profound exposure of the critical issue of being missional vs traditional in my opinion. 
One view sees the gospel for the whole man...body, soul and spirit. 
One sees it for the spirit only. 

One sees all of life. 
One sees only eternal life. 

One is holistic. 
One is dualistic. 

One is concerned about Heaven on Earth. 
One is concerned only about getting people of earth to heaven. 

One sees a kingdom that has come. 
One only sees a kingdom coming. 

One is a gospel of head and heart.  
One includes the hands.

The fact that a nation that is do full of Christians and yet so poor is worth wrestling with. 
I think it touches many things but the issues of Mercy and Justice are central to it. 

Christians abound in Mercy... 
They ask: "How can I help"?

But not enough are concerned about "Justice".
Justice asks: "Why did this happen"?

We need Justice and Mercy too kiss...for real transformation to take place. 


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