Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok, first of all...I think I enjoyed this film more than any film I have scene in this genre in a long time. It was an amazing experience, especially in Imax 3-D with a sound system that made the hairs on my liver quiver. It was a completely immersive journey that thrilled me, moved me, amazed me and frustrated me.

Separating the technological from the ideological is a tough venture to doesn't want to color the viewers journey. So..I guess, I would say...go see it before reading anything around here. Because I think there is a lot to respond to in the film.

These articles go for the issues jugular:
-Heaven and Nature
-"Why do the Conservatives hate the most popular movie in years?"
-Avatar: Depression and Suicide

I've got my own thoughts...which I intend on rolling out in the next few days...but for the moment, here is just one:

-How can this movie be the almost number one money grossing film of all time in this country? Here in a "Pro-Military, Pro-War on Terror, Support the Troops always because they are Hero's Culture...this absolutely mystifies me. The ethos and ideology of this film seems to me to be at odds with most American' least almost all Christian American's I know.

On a lighter are two comments about the film that I read, that made me laugh out loud:

"The message is: whitey bad, natives good. And the supplementary message of how we should all "get back to nature", brought to you by directors and movie stars driving $250,000 cars and flying around in private, that ritual scene with the stupid movements and dancing was Disney-quality garbage. It made me want to see them all get carpet-bombed by the shuttle."


This movie is simply: "Braveheart Smurf"

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