Thursday, July 15, 2004

Are we weenies or men?

Maybe I am alone in my thoughts and feelings on this one but I do think "pussification" is happening.

I don't think the issue can be localized into a "Let's punch each other" generalization though. I don't think that is the issue. I think it is fairly deeper than that.

I write, sing, play guitar, cry, watch chick flicks, can't work on a car, shave, don't watch sports, drink a little beer as long as it is Micro, don't wear flannel, don't hunt, don't like putting hooks on fish and never cleaned one...I can share, empathize, listen, express, counsel and go out for coffee and talk too. I do all those things and still I am confident as a "man" but....

...I do think I have been short changed in some ways as a man. I wish that as a young man I would have had more fathering, better role models, more wisdom from elders on life, manhood, work, power, loving, spirituality.

I think there is a desperate need for fathering. I am not saying you can't become a man without a father but the absence of one is critical.

I work with juvenile offenders and most have no relationship with or have a had a destructive relationship with men.

The results are a host of noxious patterns of survival, self deification from a lack of healthy socialization within a loving home,often without a dad.

Young people are plagued with insecurity, hungry longing, gaping emotional holes that bleed neediness. There is explosive anger that burns hotter than Hades. We have many in this generation that are completely clueless of what it means to be a man and they are leaving a wake of dysfunction, abuse and confusion and they are having children too.

We need men more than ever...


Anonymous said...

the braun and strength of a man leaves a lasting and blessed imprint only when accompanied along with their unhardened heart

ava said...

As a mother of a nearly 2 year old boy, I so agree with you and understand what you're saying about being a man and not being socially-pressured into thinking it's not "PC". Both my husband and I were raised by a Mom and Dad-- I do mean (male and female). I think what's happening to the traditional family in this country is abhorrent. That's a little different, I know, than your posting, but I think it's important. One sex is not better than the other -- they are different, yes, but natural and essential to the human species.