Thursday, July 15, 2004

Woman Wisdom

"I am absolutely wretched today on account of your state of mind...your state of intellect...why don't you let the better side of you work?...Where is the mind that wrote the prince and the p., Jeanne d' Arc, the Yankee, etc. ect. ect. Bring it back! you can if you will...if you wish to. Think of the side that I know; the sweet, dear, tender side...that I love so...Does it help the world to always rail at it? there is great and noble work, being done. Why not sometimes recognize that? You always dwell on the evil until those who live beside you are crushed to the earth and you seem almost like a monomaniac. Oh I love you so and wish you would listen and take heed." -Livy Clemens, Mark Twain's wife.

I stand doubly charged...pray for me still.

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Anonymous said...

What a convicting sentiment. There is such a strong inclination to verbalize the negative which I doubt feeds the spirit. I have always thought, grieved, that the different entertainment mediums have gravitated to the base and woefully overlooked the noble and inspirational. We so need in this culture, any culture, the inspirational in full view. It sparks vision, so contagious. I hang on every word that you write about Martin Hall or other testimonies of the heart.I pass them on, use them in the nursing home and just ruminate on them for personal edification. I read poetry because of its powerful influence to inspire.
I choose authors that motivate to the high road.
When all is done, I talk about the negative.
Go figure.
Love Dad