Thursday, July 08, 2004

The cost of the Iraq war

987: Number of coalition forces killed between March 19, 2003, and July 5, 2004
693: Number killed after President Bush declared the end of official combat operations on May 1, 2003
9,436: Minimum estimate of the number of Iraq civilians killed as a result of the U.S. invasion and occupation
40,000: Estimated number of Iraqis injured
14: Average number of violent deaths per month in Iraq in 2002
357: Average number of violent deaths per month in Iraq in 2003
30: Percentage of Iraqis unemployed before the war
60: Percentage of Iraqis unemployed in the summer of 2003
$151,000,000,000: Amount spent on the war through the end of this year, pending Congressional approval
$3,415: Monetary cost of war per U.S. household, on average
54: Percentage of Americans polled who felt that "the situation in Iraq was not worth going to war over" (Annenberg Election Survey)
52: Percentage of soldiers who reported low morale, according to a March 2004 army survey
28.2: Percentage of soldiers in Iraq who screened positive for traumatic stress, anxiety, or depression
34: Number of detainee deaths as a result of interrogation methods currently under investigation by the U.S. military
20,000: Number of private contractors performing traditionally military jobs in Iraq
1: Percentage of Iraqi workers involved in reconstruction projects
$160,000,000: Amount spent by major contractor Halliburton on meals that were never served to troops
82,000,000,000: Number of U.S. children who could have received health care coverage with the funds allocated to the war by the Bush administration

Sources: Foreign Policy in Focus, The Wall Street Journal.


Jason said...

That last number is very telling. I still support the decision to get rid of Saddam but the cost is pretty high. I am at conflict with myself over what I believe politically anymore. I do not seem to like the liberals or the conservatives. Does it matter what I believe about them, what can I do about it? That is what is in my thoughts lately. Thanks for posting those sobering numbers.

Cheesehead said...

Staggering... I had a hard time reading through all these stats...
Sickening, really - I, as Jason stated, support the decision to rid the world of Saddam... but, what a price to pay!?
Conservatives and liberals are... politicians... period - I like GW, don't like alot of what he's done... but, what's the alternative?!
I have a saying in my office... "Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions!"

Anonymous said...

To look at the Iraqi war analytically and intellectually, devoid of a spiritual data is going to leave a bleak perspective. Ponder this fact: nearly all of the humanitarian aid and medical supplies sent to that country prior to the war was hoarded by Saddam and those who were in power. Do you think the number of churches and other charitable agencies have pulled their hand back from giving to that nation now? Let's not forget the Chrisrians over there who are more free to give the good news...Where are the statistics of those who were muslim but now believe and the bible says "to believe in Christ is life", to not an eternal sentence worse than death, in my opinion. There are many of our soldiers over there who are God fearing people. It is hard to think that they would not have an increase in their prayer life as well as opportunities to pray with others. How many soldiers have prayed the sinner's prayer?