Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Capitalism: friend or foe?
Here is a good discussion on economics, capitalism, socialism and the power or corruption of making money.
I am very interested in this subject especially as it related to issues of justice, mercy, poverty and finding the best ways to rebuild crumbling communities.

Feel free to chime in...anytime, the more conversation the better...I know you are out there.


Jason said...

I think capitalism is the best system but it definitely has flaws. The perfect system won't work because we live in a fallen world so selfishness, greed, and ambition get in the way. A question for you. Is ambition bad?

Unknown said...

a : an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power
b : desire to achieve a particular end
2 : the object of ambition
3 : a desire for activity or exertion (felt sick and had no ambition)

I've been bitten and blessed by ambition.

For me, the sticky point gets centered on motives. I have found that nothing much gets done without ambition but much that gets done is accomplished with mixed motives.

It often seems that even our best ambitions in the end often seem to be a service to self. Which form an economic point of view that may be beneficial depending on what view you take.

In business it seems to be a greater asset, but in church it seems to be a scorpion with a stinger that is often hides in the boot of unsuspecting victims.

But...people with no ambition are so lukewarm that they seem to bother even Jesus...hot or cold, nothing mild, comatose, bland, lethargic, ambivalent etc.

It amazes me that the Lord gets anything done through us convoluted vessels.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about ambition, the prohibition is on "Selfish ambition" not ambition in general. Regarding what you said about mixed motives, I think we learn more about our motives when we begin some ambitious work then we ever do by self-examination without action.
Much to do and accomplish as people "created in Christ Jesus for good works", and I think we should fear sloth more than ambition, even if somewhat unguided.