Sunday, July 04, 2004

Be a man!

"In fact, one study indicated that 94% of incarcerated youth have never had one single positive adult male role model!
With the introduction of the Industrial revolution 150 years ago, men were taken out of the
home, as they left to go to work, leaving mothers to be the primary person living at home with the kids. Even as recent as 100 years ago, only men could teach elementary school children.
Today 90% of elementary school teachers are women. Today with more mothers in the workplace, many kids go to daycare centers, where 95 - 97% of the staff are females.
And, in those families which end in divorce, more than 80% of the time, child custody is granted to the mother. Unfortunately, the church is not the exception. In our inner-city churches about 70% of the participants are females. Consequently, a large number of children are growing up with little or no male influence in their lives.
This subject is critical if we want to see young people in our communities find spiritual, emotional and relational health. Fathers must reclaim their roles and responsibilities within the community to love, support, shepherd, teach, inspire and empower the young again.
How you say?
Become a teacher...our schools need you. 
Actually raise a family, don't just make one.
Stay married and show a generation what faithfulness, sacrifice and love really looks like. Work kids how to be productive, creative and daring.
Be your sons that men can love God and not have to be a girl to do it.
Care for a child who has no father...the bible commands it (James 1:27).
When the father's hearts turn...the hearts of young people will turn. (Malachi 4:6)

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