Thursday, July 01, 2004

A Friends Episode it's not...

I've been joining in on some good conversation over at Cheeshead's blog.

The question was asked if we had these kind of conversations with people around us, here was my thoughts:
Do I have the opportunity to have these types of conversations in the local church or among friends...I would have to say...nope.

A. I don't have enough friends. Being a pastor has an effect on friendships that, I suppose having a STD has on ones sex don't have much.

B. It's rare to find many that want to talk about such things. That's where Blogdom rescues this little man. All powerful search engines and pomo sites have helped us connect with people of like mind.

C. I find that most people don't seem to enjoy questing much and seem kind of unnerved by a questioning or open minded pastor. They want everything nailed down, packaged, clear and free from mystery or multiple layers, you can't have onions allowed. :)

D. A lot of my Internet experience, friends and ongoing conversations meet a real need and want for deeper conversation, more frequent contact and intellectual and theological stimulation. Being a pastor can really cramp ones relational life.

So three cheers for the Internet, it's not a replacement of real flesh and blood but it's a great addition and filler.

I do have a few local friendships and some a good distance away of which, I am thankful for. But I hunger for more than I seem to have time for or oppurtunity to engage in.

It sucks.

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