Sunday, July 11, 2004

"We are a generation of men raised by women." - Tyler Durden

To Lydia & Tammy and other wild women...

My wife and I were discussing Fight Club the other night...

She was sharing how she was frustrated because she felt the image of a man that "TYLER" represented was not anything like the man she felt was a healthy man. I was sharing how the issues represented in Tyler are often stuff men are wrestling with within themselves. How to be a man with both characters fighting to be the dominant male. How to live responsibly and wildly at the same time. How to be free to let go of the wheel and wear a seat belt at the same time as in the movie. How to love passionately and yet, know committed, faithful love.

How to tap into that masculine inner fire that in our culture is often harnessed and explored in extreme sports, the military, cut throat business, competition sports, exercise, and a host of other channels for male fire but rarely felt in the church. Being a part of the church often leaves men with few places to connect with thunder and lightening but a host of places to talk and listen and be tame...qualities that do not often come natural to the male species!

I think woman are frightened and secretly mesmerized by the wild man and yet want him wrapped up in a suit. They often want a tough dog, a guard dog but want him on a leash.

So as a man...I would hope for freedom to be and explore and really reconnect with masculinity. The opportunity to roar instead of whisper, hear drums instead of piano's, wear sweat instead of a tie. Love us in our unfolding and struggle to be who God desires us to be as a man. Empower us by becoming all that God wants you to be as a woman. I long for women to be fully women and men to be fully men. Let men grow hair...stop requiring us to's symbolism is degrading. Stop dressing us...mommy isn't needed any more. Make love to us passionately again and wake us up to what it means to be loved by a real woman.

Be Eve again and birth men in the wild...

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