Sunday, July 04, 2004

Born to Lose

A few years ago a New Hampshire newspaper published a suicide note written by an attractive, popular teenage boy who had taken his life after school one day. It said simply: "Not having a good enough reason to live is a good enough reason to die."
It's not surprising that one of the most common tattoos in prison is simply...Born to Lose.
One of my prayers for a long time has been:
"Lord give me at least as many young people that the devil steals through suicide every day..."
We are losing a generation to the abyss of meaningless existence, drugs, suicide, crime, hedonism, and a host of other cancers. I think a major problem is that there is not enough real prophetic voices in our youth ministries and churches today.
We are echoes not voices, as my friend Scott Gurule says.
We must birth generational gatherings that blend the rooftop life of prayer (Acts 10) with the advancing life of missions. We must become gatherings that exhibit a Jesus style ministry life of prayer lived out in mission. Our cities are yearning for those who will live out the dreams and visions of God.
We must become the sons and daughters of Joel 2.
Dreamers and visionaries who go in an overflowing spirit and influence the lights, the earth and the tongues of men. We are called to be speakers...ones who prophesy God's dreams for the nations. We are a fiery people who are known to leave revivals for dusty roads or dine with heathen, baptize pagans and trek for God to remote places or dark places within and without our comfort zones; because we have heard the VOICE and he says rise up and GO... 
God I pray for you to fill us and send us again...

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