Saturday, July 31, 2004

I Drive A Dodge Stratus....and a Mini-van.
They are not off road vehicles, unless you are stupid like I am. On our camping trip we decided to take a short cut on the map. it said only 8 miles and the road looked normal at first, until it turned into an off road trail over the mountains. We went too far to turn back and after ruts the size of the grand canyon, washed out gullies, fallen logs, a wrenched bumper and frightened children...we made it out alive after about an hour and half of white knuckle driving. It ranks up there with the most dumbest thing I have ever done. I was sure we were going to be stuck up on this God forsaken forest service road and have to fight off the grizzly's with my leatherman tool while making smoke signals in hope that we would be rescued before we were eaten.
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Anonymous said...

we drove a little geo metro all over the mountains of wyoming, on roads that were barely visible, with 3 small children.

it's such a fun adventure!