Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lightning strikes the earth 50-100 times every second around the globe.
"The trouble is not that the world is full of fools, it's just that lightning isn't distributed right."
-Mark Twain 

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Anonymous said...

I love the wit of Mark Twain! If you like it you may also like the wit of Bill Nye and of course James Whitcomb Riley. A lot of their wit is hidden in the issues of their time but a lot trancends.
That comment by Twain reminds me of this one by J.W.Riley about Doc Sifers--

"Doc's allus sociable, polite and 'greeable, you'll find-
Pervidin' ef you strike him right and nothin' on his mind-
Like in some hurry, when they've sent fer Sifers quick,
you see,
to 'tend some sawmill-accident, er pincnic jamboree;
Er when the lightin's struck some harebrained harves-hand; er in
Some 'tempt o' suicidin'- where they'd ort to try ag'in