Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christ & Culture events blog...

Ok, we launched our first "Christ & Culture" Discussion event at Jacob's Well; with a showing of the film: "Lord Save Us From Your Followers". We had around 25 people show up and about 15 stayed for coffee & conversation. I think it was a wild ride for sure, great thoughts, sharp disagreement, valid concerns and opposite positions. Over all it was civil, but more tense than I would of liked, but considering the hot button issues addressed in the film, I understand.

I've started a Christ & Culture blog that will be for anyone, anonymous or not, post event ruminations and ongoing dialogue for those so interested. Some people sit and listen but need time to chew on things and maybe this can be a format for unpacking stuff more. But let me please say, dont use the blog as a smoke screen to hurt people or stab them in the back anonymously. Sometimes bloggers get a little more bold than they would be face to face...that can be good and bad.

So be kind.

So let the comments begin if you desire to engage more on various issues brought up by the film by going here.

And to get the water boiling here is an article written by a Christian who calls himself a celibate, christian gay man and his thoughts on the loneliness such a position has demanded.
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