Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Music from Church of the Beloved

Church of the Beloved is a community of faith on the west-side of our state and they produced this album and giving it away for free. It's a very diverse cd, each song has moments that change and reflect a diversity of sounds. It's worth a listen, but one should do it while its quiet and contemplative to draw the sweetest nectar. Enjoy, I pray you will find some holy moments through it.

"We must first receive God's welcome, the costly inclusion that constantly comes to us in so many surprising and mundane ways, before we can, in turn, offer welcome to strangers and friends, called by God to the work of creating a place of radical hospitality." -from the Beloved's Vow at Church of the Beloved

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Mel said...

That excerpt from their vow is thought-provoking. Radical hospitality... Accepting God's welcome so that we in turn can welcome others.. that is precious.

Great music! I'm listening to the entire collection for the 2nd time. "Peace" is the song that is speaking most powerfully to me at this present time. Thanks for sharing!