Friday, March 20, 2009

Neighborhood Creation Care and Mission Focused Industry...

"Build houses and live in them and plant gardens and eat their produce." -Jeremiah 29:5

If you look behind our church van and measure from the left where the two trees, the one closest to the van and the other one across the yard; then all the yard to the right, all the way to the wooden fence on the right, is the area that will be our new Jacob's Well garden. We will remove the fence behind the van and stretch it across the yard or build a wood fence to mark off this new project. We will remove the cement path and the old metal shed as well. We are arranging plans now for the work and materials and layout. The landlords of the house have arranged for the separation of the yard to allow us the opportunity to begin this garden...they attend the church and are leading the project.

We look forward to producing fresh food on the church block and sharing it though our Community Resource Center and incorporating the produce into our Tuesday night (5-7PM) community dinner. One of the challenges in neighborhoods that access Government food programs; is the lack of fresh produce. This is one of our attempts to supplement those needs. We are also working on a relationship with some CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture); which are farm based programs where you buy a share in the harvest for a certain amount of money. We are aiming to partner with Brian at St. Margaret's Community garden in Vinegar Flats, to provide additional access to fresh produce this season.
This is stage one of our rain water retrieval project that will help water our garden by collecting rain run off from the roofs on our buildings. The barrels were donated by another church. This is the mastermind behind the project, Daniel Dailey, he's building this water retrieval system and working on our "Alternative energy project" which includes possible wind energy and solar panels that will help (if everything works out with the fabrication and implementation of the first panel) us reduce our energy costs and model purposeful Creation Care as a local church.

We are also working on plans for some Neighborhood Recycle Bins as options for neighbors to discard used appliances, various metals and other material that we can sell at a local recycle center for cash. This will help in improving the neighborhood by removing unsightly household waste and help us raise funds through earth friendly industry.

I get such joy seeing different gifts and talents, visions and passions merging together in a cooperative synergy for mission, it's an exciting work to be part of. Please pray for us as we aim to not just "Move" but "Mobilize" one another for mission, in practical, creative and fruitful, God glorifying ways.
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