Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brain dead worship or heartfelt adoration?

Here are two opposing articles on the issue of contemporary worship, I
found both to be mentally stimulating and both had excellent points. Oh
the tension of truth, it never seems to let you dominate. It reminds me
of a quote that said truth is like a lizard, when you grab it so
tightly, it will leave it's tail in your hands and scramble away to
grow a new one. I know that sounds a so anti-absolute truth and I do
believe in absolute truth but the interpretation and application of
truth is a slippery little issue sometimes and it seems the Bible often
makes it so on many subjects. 


Anonymous said...

Contemporary vs. Traditional is an interesting topic because of its pull to the both sides. I've seen first hand members of a church leave because the music was too "offensively loud" "The lyrics had too much "I" in the song"or "there wasn't a balance between hymns and contemporary music".

Whether its from Bach to Rock, isn't it the heart in worship? Doesn't Christ examine the heart
and not the amount of worship songs we sing on a sunday or any given day.

When I attend Northwest Bridal College, the one thing I remember the most was when "we" as college students, gathered in a small sancutary and passionately and collectively sang hymns along with contemporary worship songs. There was a balance with HEART. It was the only time I can think of where I truly enjoyed singing hymns. But no one sang hymns like a stoic,lethargic, bug on the wall. It was with passion and HEART!

Point to rambling: being open to hymns could never be a step backwards in the wrong direction for a church. It allows different perspective within the body.

Balance bridges the gaps between the "older generation" and the "younger." Can you imagine if the younger worshipers were open for wisdom and experience from the older and the older were open to being moved by the fire and passion of the younger!

Not every church is like this. I'm not suggesting "Hymnal Time" at
Jacobs Well.... its just a perspective on music! The spirit is still working on balance in me..must confess I just don't relate to the hymnal generation..but thats okay.

Rock on dude!

Anonymous said...

Great insight, S Curve! Well said!

Anonymous said...

I completey agree with Mr. Colson. I avoid the first thirty minutes of the church service here because they sing what are to me fluffy cheezy songs, and a lot of them. However near the sermon they tend to have a hymn and I am always there by that time and they end with hymns. But I must say I am not a big worshipper, I tend to be more intellectual. If contemporary is meant to be more entertaining, I seriously don't need any more entertainment. The world is completely about entertaining us to death [remember "Pleasure Island"]. I doubt God cares if we sing hymns or contemporary songs, it's about heart, as was already stated. But I would say no church should be void of the great inheritence of teaching and creativity we have from our christian ancestors.
-love Matt.