Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I dig this sport...

The hottest sporting event among dudes who are not trapped in some seafoam-green evangelical church singing prom songs to Jesus is known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which includes the PRIDE Fighting Championships and the Ultimate Fighting Championship . Before long, it should put boxing out of business entirely...Because I am a Christian pastor I now need to find something that connects all of this to being a Christian. So, I’ll just say that while young men are watching tough men compete, the reason they don’t go to most churches is because they could take the pastor and can’t respect a guy in a lemon-yellow sweater, sipping decaf and talking about his feelings.
-Mark Driscoll, Seattle pastor, Mars Hill

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FCB said...

"Lemon yellow sweater, sipping decaf talking about his feelings"
I gotta say, that is quite a word picture and it keeps making me chuckle.