Monday, April 03, 2006


OK, that last post was a bit to raw...sorry, I decided to yank that one.


Anonymous said...

A blog can be dangerous to ones reputation, which may or may not be reality, but is merely a perception of the readers.

So is writing in such a vulnerable way worth it?

I think it is, even if it may be the death of us.

The title of the blog is prophetic and self-fulfilling. These are my careless thoughts. Once posted, they are never retracted.

I will say my opinion. I will not bite my words here.
Quote from Eric - Oct 2005

Unknown said...

Oh you got me...I am such a politician. Call me the spiritual spin doctor...I am such a pansy.

Actually I realized after posting this post that it might hurt a brother that I love and love doesn't do that.

Even this mouth has to be submitted to Jesus' direction right. A soap box it is but not a platform to hurt others.

I try to walk the line (said in a slightly Johnny Cash drawl)