Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jacob: the boy who cried

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We will be hosting a viewing night at Jacob's Well for this film, stay tuned for details.

(excerpt from the website)
Jacob: the boy who cried
On the first night in Northern Uganda the three filmmakers met Jacob at the bus park. Jacob, a former child soldier, was taken from his home, and robbed of his education. After escaping “the bush” at 14, he dreamed of returning to school to become a lawyer, but did not have the means to do so. At the end of the “Invisible Children: Rough Cut,” Jacob says, “I have nothing. I don't even have a blanket. We don't have anything to do with food. Maybe we can eat once a day… so it is better when you kill us. And, if possible you can kill us, you kill us. For us, we don't want now to stay. …no one taking care of us. We are not going to school...” Immediately after saying this, the filmmakers cried with him.

I don't think LeeElla and I have ever seen or heard a more haunting moment in film then when in the documentary "Invisible Children" the above boy started to cry and then like a wail from hell and heaven themselves, his little broken soul broke on camera. The crying was THE MOST tragic moment I think I have EVER seen or heard on film. When the shot starts to end and you hear the film maker crying too, it simply shattered my heart. Brutal reality forever tattooed and seared into my heart like a smoldering coal right out of heavens altar. That is why God gave us filmmakers.

I now know why the scriptures call the Lord a "Man of sorrows," and why there shall be no more tears in heaven after His return...because all the tears of heaven shall have been wept after centuries of watching the horror of what His creation has done to His children on Earth.  God weeps and longs for the day when His own wailing shall end. The angels sing continually in heaven to try to soothe the broken heart of our heavenly Father.

But the day of weeping is soon to end and the DAY OF VENGEANCE is to come. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that justice is smoldering in the guts of heaven, like a deep volcanic surge waiting to explode. His love demands action!

But until then the river of justice in Revelations is a river of tears for the suffering of earth. The trees planted in heaven are said to have leaves for the healing of the nations. After seeing this film I know that the Lord agonizes for His church to grab those leaves of healing and "bring good news to the afflicted" and "bind up the broken hearted" and "comfort all who morn" and "give to them a crown of beauty instead of ashes" (Isaiah 58 & 61).

Once you have are forever responsible...because love always acts.


Adrienne said...

Here I am.

Anonymous said...

The part of the documentary you described when the young boy broke out in weeping was the final straw that made my eyes water..I couldn't
help but want to cry for him.

After seeing "Invisible Children" I can't express how frustrated I was towards questions of government intervention?politics? funding?... yet compassion flooded my heart in my view of the children in Sudan/N Uganda...

I'm looking forward to sharing this film with others who haven't heard. Jackie and I are anticipating the "Global Commute Night" on April 28th.

God made a huge ripple through the lives of three young men who were courageous and passionate about the
"invisble children"...God ways are amazing!

Matt said...

Sounds great, I think the best films are made by those that truly love the subject and are eager to share that love and hope for what or who. It's not about entertaining it's about movement.
I'm curious if they explain at all what motivates the LRA besides the voodooish stuff? Do they or did they ever have any legitimate reasons? I saw another film about Uganda recently called "The Unconventional War", and I felt like they didn't give enough explanation here.
A friend of mine the other day was talking about how the "fall" is so much easier to deal with in the west. How in places like Uganda the fallen nature of man is unbearable. In places where the rule of law is corrupt or doesn't exist, in long drawn out, no end in sight war zones... this is where the "fall" really sucks. We are going to report on this... but also on the light that is shining there.

Anonymous said...

Jacob crying was so gut-wrenching because he explained earlier in the movie that his brother was killed in front of him when they were abducted by the Rebels, and if any of the boys were caught crying - EVER - they were killed, just for crying. So these kids DON'T EVER CRY, not even when they witnessed brutal things. So when he began to talk about his brother that died, he said that he didn't want to talk anymore because it would "start something"...and then he broke - not able to hold back the tears anylonger. He wailed with a tone I had never heard before - such deep sorrow that was so haunting. He just cried and cried and cried, unable to stop himself. Oh, us. Matt, I was moved to pray for you more than ever, as you are exposing similar horrors in another part of the world. I am sickened that humans could do such things to other humans, especially children. - LeeElla

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Eric, in finding some comfort knowing that God's wrath and justice will be poured out on such unthinkable, unbelieveable crimes. Just about the time I feel completely helpless and overwhelmed by such horror, I am reminded to do what I can do. I do not consider it the last resort, but the first priority. I can remember Daniel, who changed the course of a nation thru prayer. That's what I will do, only now I will place these desperate children on the top of my prayer list.

Matt, you are there too! We pray for God's blessing and protection on you and your family. May God give you His eyes and ears as you carry out your very important work.