Monday, April 24, 2006

a God moment

Lord, You showed favor to Your land;
You restored Jacob's prosperity. -Psalms 85:1

God is so faithful and it is so amazing to see Him providing what is needed as we seek His face.

We meet with Melissa our realtor/landlord tomorrow to sign the lease and pay the money needed for renting the facility that we are going to use to meet at as Jacob's Well!

Our new church raised all the money above and beyond what was needed for the move in amount; and thanks to the generosity of the owners of the building we also got a months free rent to put towards clean up and preparations of the building. They also are letting us lease it for 6 months at a time with no rent change, which is a real miracle for a commercial lease. God is good.

But what is really awesome is what happened this afternoon. A mother of one of the young people that Christian brought to youth church and has recently given his heart to Jesus, came over to my house to see me. She came with her son, she is a single mother and very sweet and grateful for his friendship with us and all that has been going on in his life. I am pretty sure she isn't a Christian yet, but she is a very loving and gracious woman.

She thanked me for the change she is seeing in him and how he came home last night after the meeting with Jacob's Well and was so touched about reaching the disadvantaged. She works for a low income housing organization and has a real heart for the poor. She was amazed how a new sensitivity and interest for these people had been awakened in him through his involvement with us. She was obviously touched as she shared her joy about it. Then she gave me a card with the words Jacob's Well written on it and inside was an offering for the ministry we are beginning!

God is at work and I am sure she will soon be brought to the place where she will see it is the heart of Jesus that she sees in His church and will be drawn to Him.

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, In this new season I think God is going to show up in the most unexpected ways and PEOPLE. Like you said a couple of sundays ago God is going to use the "women at the well" to reach the lost.( the ones with a past, the unlikely) It is through them we will grow. God is going to use the weak to strength the weak, the sick to heal the sick, the lost to save the lost. In this new place church will look a little different then what we are used to, but thats ok. He will show us that it is more about "THEM"(the unreached) then about "US"(Our wants and needs)