Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Christ is the move of God...

I so loved this last weeks teaching from Dr. Steve Crosby on the new
covenant and ministry from a N.C. perspective. It was some of the most
biblical and meaty teaching I have heard in a very long time. It made
my spiritual mouth water, especially because he ministered truth from a
Christ centered perspective, meaning, he unveiled Christ and the
fullness of His work that is already accomplished. He tore to heck the
constant "next move" charismatic paralysis, the proverbial "carrot"
before the horse that happens in so much of the charismatic church.
Always "waiting" for something instead of delving into all that we have
and will ever need in Christ!

You are already as close to God as you will ever be if you are in
Christ. How closer can you get if you are in Him?
If the Spirit of God is already poured out...what move are we waiting
If Christ is everything, what more do we need?
His seminar helped get me out the charismatic neutral and engage the
gears of truth...he gave me traction from truth.
I am so tired of the "wait four months until harvest" mindset that has
hamstrung the church into always thinking something is right around the
corner. Always having their eyes on the future instead of on Christ.
Always waiting for something more to add to what God has already done
in Christ and makes available through His word and Spirit for the
believer to enter into now by faith.

The kingdom of God is at hand, it is among us who are in Christ. We
are seated with Him in heavenly realms and minister from that position,
perspective and reality! Praise God I don't need more than I already
have in the SON, I simply need to be taught the riches of Christ and His
inheritance in the saints. I need revelation not about the future but
about the person of Christ. Heresy comes in when we start thinking we
need more than Christ. When we start to add to His finished work and
come to think that we need something more than Him. When we start
putting our hope and faith in something to come instead of Someone who
is already ALL in ALL. I don't need another move of the Spirit, another
teaching, another revelation, another gift, another season, another
prayer, more time on the discipleship plantation, more this, more of
that...on it goes...don't you see that in that line of thinking it
never ends!!!!

You are never good enough, spiritual enough, old enough, gifted
enough, empowered enough, holy enough, prayerful enough, biblical
enough, righteous enough, loving enough, fruiter enough...NEVER! YOUR
EYES BECOME FIXATED ON YOU not on the glorious supremacy of Jesus. You
end up always evaluating your resources not His, your abilities not
His, your spiritual temperature not His etc...

Jesus is the center of the church not us...thank God, what a relief!

Come all who are weary with charismania hype and constant unfulffilled
expectations and find rest in who Christ is, what Christ has done. Let
the fullness of Him fill up the empty places. Embrace the power of
ressurection and the finality of the cross and all it put to death and
destroyed and removed and put an end to. Rejoice in the new creation
that is NOW! Sing praise that you are acccepted by Christ's work not
your own works. Put an end to the questions of being worhty enough and
walk boldy back to the throne of GRACE again. I know you are tired of
trying to be good enough, patient enough, holy enough, gentle enough
and long to lay your burdens to be like God down and find LIFE grow up
from the root and bear it's fruit through you in a natural, life giving
way. Let the death of the cross put an end to your striving and
liberate you from a man centered religion that looks no different
than mormonism or some other moralistic religion that works men into
an introspective lather.

So be filled with His Spirit and walk in His Spirit and work from His
Spirit and live in His Spirit today.


Todd Bacon said...

Eric - very, very well said. I'm an Indiana guy who reads your blog now and then and I must say that some of the recent stuff about "issues" within your region and people close to you has been tedious. With something as well-said as this post, I'm glad I've kept coming back. Keep on living out the glorious life you have in Christ as one already seated in the heavenlies with our creator King.

Michael McMullen said...

That confirms a word I heard a couple weeks ago. The man (I forget his name) said "Why wait for an event i.e. revival, when you have Christ everyday. Mary said 'We will see Lazarus at the resurection' and Jesus said 'I AM the resurection and the life.' This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in Him...today."

That's a brief overview of what he said, but it was right on. I like that 'the proverbial "carrot"' I may use that someday.


Anonymous said...

All that we need is in
Christ. Amen to that...
God chose me and loved me first.
Jesus came to seek and save,
not fulfill my daily checklist
of selfish needs.Through him is
the only fulfillness I want.