Monday, February 02, 2009

Capturing light in dark places....

Picture: Sandy Puc' / Courtesy of NILMDTS

I met a young man this week who was grieving the loss of his first child. His wife had a miscarriage of a 12 week old baby. He shared with my, with tears in his broken eyes...that he had held the little baby in his hands. I couldn't imagine holding a child in my hands like that. It was so heartbreaking to hear him share his pain. My prayers go out to him and his wife. I ran across this article today and it made me think of them.

These artists are a perfect example of those who have touched the heart of God with their talents. "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" is a organization that has blended the art of photography into a healing tool for grieving parents who have lost a child. You can read the Newsweek article here.

Another ministry that reaches out to parents who have lost little babies is "Heavenly Angels in Need". Mary who is a relative of mine, runs this ministry of love and grace. She has a huge heart and a strong passion to spread God's love to those who have experienced such a tragedy. She has round up an army of knitters and seamstresses and craftsmen who make clothes, burial items and little caskets for babies that have died. They also support various projects with their beautiful hand made items; our refugees are blessed to be wearing and using their scarves, hats and blankets. Good work, good people and worthy of your support.

Artists are the healers of the world...the earth is more beautiful because they have lived.
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