Friday, February 06, 2009

Lord Save Us from Your Followers....

9 of us from Jacob's Well attended the showing of "Lord Save Us From Your Followers" last night at the Garland Theater. After watching the movie and then hearing a bit from the Portland, Oregon director who was also present; we headed to Shari's resturant for some bad coffee and serivce and a chance to unpack the movie in conversation.

I didnt jive with the whole SDA (Why You Quit Church) sponsor felt agenda driven, gracious but with a possible hidden purpose...not sure why that rubbed me wrong, but it did and does. No slam on them, just being honest about perceptions today, even among us jaded postmodern christians. I guess I long to move beyond using things, messages and people for a desired end. There is a Jesus reality of the not letting the "left hand know what the right is doing" that I long to authentically work out in our community.

That aside...great message, but wow, practically embodying that is another thing. Finding practical ways for Christians and Churches to really put flesh on "loving people"; has to happen to really move the ball down the playing field. It's dangerously easy for a nice bumper sticker mentality of "Love People" to replace the hard work of building meaningful friendships with people who are not Christians...out of unconditional love...not agenda. It's not as easy to engage difficult people, conflicting agendas, offensive political opponents or matter how "right" it may seem. And to do it authentically with true trust in the Sovereign work of God to draw people to Himself in the midst of our living, telling and a true discipline of surrender. To trust Him to work perfectly through my imperfect works is true faith.

I would be interested in how the church could practically wash the feet of...the GLT community?

I mean practically?
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