Monday, February 23, 2009

Mt. Sinai vs. Mt. of Transfiguration

Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, partners in a heavenly calling, take note of Jesus...for he has come to deserve greater glory than Moses." -Hebrews 3:1-6

I preached a message Sunday, that in my mind, was one of the most critical and important messages I have ever preached. There are moments in ones ministry life in the word; that you simply cannot explain the glory of the passage. You search for words that will hopefully unveil the pulsating light, life and revelation that lie within the scriptures but it seems like a frail attempt at communicating the reality. I found my self exhausted with the delivery, like something was struggling to be born. I wrestled with igniting words that would illuminate the Sun...a futile endeavor if you think about it. There were moments through the two times I preached this message that I know the only real witness to the glory of the subject would have been to awaken a corpse or drive out a devil in the room. The grandeur of the mystery of Christ begs for more than mere syllables stitched together...oh, the poverty of mere words in comparison to the One we try to proclaim. It's in moments after such attempts at madness that you understand the words of Paul, when he said God has chosen to hide Himself in the foolishness of preaching. I too, stand amazed at the humility and madness of that truth.

Let others wrangle, I will wonder -Augustine

Here are the notes from the slides, if anyone is interested in the subject matter.
(Picture: Carl Bloch)
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