Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kissing with eyes open...

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly."
-Rose Franken

I pray the fire thats already there would create hot steam, that would lift us up and out of the ordinary. That together we can take more times up and out.

Not because what is normal isn’t good, but simply because we could use some new perspectives, new sights from new heights.

We need things that seem so big, to become small again.

It would do us good to see the sun rise or set, in a different place.

To taste morning and evening, somewhere else.

To make more lines in our face because we’ve laughed too much; instead of worrying, fretting and bearing loads to heavy for younger souls.

I want to grow jolly with you...not just older.

I want to see your eyes sparkle more...they’ve been eclipsed by too many clouds for too long....and I want it to be just our simple laughter that drives the storms away...on earth before it is in heaven.

I want to kiss you more and more this year, because your so damn cute...not just because you set me on fire.

I want to find us laughing together more than apart....more and more from each others arms.

You deserve something magical this year, something worth writing about, or singing songs to express the wonder of what happened.

A fairy-tale of your own...because no princess has ever lain down on any bed, of any castle...that is half the maiden you are.

I want a barrel of wine made just for you...something spicy and strong...but smooth and mild after the taste. Full of head spinning kick that leaves one slightly dizzy and off kilter...kind a like I feel after drinking the wine of your love.

Call the Jesters, summon the minstrels, arrange a feast more and more; for celebrating the joy of our love is simply to much of heaven crammed into a kiss to let quietly drift by...

But, a kiss, you will get...but this’s with eyes open...because a giggle for half my all I can, or want to give.

I love you, Queen of my heart. -Eric
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