Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christian movies...

Ok, I know I get flak for not being a rousing endorser for the latest "Christian movies" that comes down the marketing pipeline...I mean I didn't see "The Passion" until more than a year or two after it came out...because I hate being manipulated into supporting things simply because they are "Christian".

I'm crotchety and often fairly stringent when it comes to art, movies, music or literature being produced by "Churchianity". Maybe I've been too soaked in the culture to be able to appreciate the sanitized packaged, with "good for you inside" products that get pushed like sanctified crack by wide eyed fundamentalists that finally feel like they are sitting at the popular table because they got a semi-hollywood film showing. It just feels so desperate.

It might be my "indie" upbringing that exposed me to life on the margins where art was being produced for the love of it instead of the markability of it. Where music was played because it sounded good, grabbed your throat and kicked you in the groin with its message; all the while more content playing in a garage or showing on the internet than bowing to the powers that be.

It could be my individualistic North West nature, that would rather die in the woods alone; than get smothered by the masses at the latest Jesus Jolly fest.

Yes, I'm often to pagan for the Christians and to Christian for the pagans...and nowhere does it seem to feel more like gravel in my shoe than when it comes to movies. So I watched this preview at the request of someone who proclaimed it so much better than FireProof (which I have not seen) and after the trailer...I was left asking myself "If that was better than Fireproof...I rest my case." I am sure the producers of this film are great people..but I just wanted to mess up those kids hair! I'm just not living in that world...is anyone?

Maybe down in that "Bible Belt" place...what does that mean anyway? Does it refer to the extra large pants size of the Christians there...or that they are known for whipping their kids? But I digress....I simply can't get to jacked up about presentations about life that look more like Jehovah Witnesses oddly colored tracks than the families, neighborhoods and people I live with and around.

I'm really at a loss for words about this kinda stuff...
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