Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A different kind of leader...

Likewise, the church has been blessed with some remarkable leaders throughout the church age. They have helped God's people understand how to enter in to salvation, departing from Egypt. They have also helped the people understand how to walk in God's ways, and they have helped them to get across this great, nearly two thousand year wilderness. However, there is a new leadership about to arise that is not here to lay those foundations again, but they are here to lead God's people into their inheritance. The church must have a fundamentally different kind of leader to take it into the Promised Land. Just as Joshua was a military leader from the time he was first mentioned, the coming leadership of the church will not be administrators, but generals.

However, these will be different kinds of generals from what the world knows. Instead of taking lives for their conquest, they will give life. Instead of wounding, they will heal. Nevertheless, they will be intent on conquering, possessing lands, and people for the sake of the gospel. They will know how to use the divinely powerful weapons for the destruction of enemy strongholds. But instead of enslaving the people they "conquer;" they will be setting them free. Nevertheless, they will be spiritual warriors, and they will live to fight. They will know how to mobilize God's people into armies that are intent on a purpose. As these arise, the advancing church will take on a much more military feel to it. The church will become far more militant and aggressive, but for the sake of life, love, and healing. -Rick Joyner

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