Friday, June 09, 2006

Give me your money...or else!

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Here are some thoughts I wrote concerning giving, tithing and what we won't be teaching about what you should do with the money in your pocket at Jacob's Well:

I truly believe that the many leaders in the modern church are guilty of the sins of the sons of Eli as described in 1 Samuel 2:12-17: the sons of Eli, who took the people’s offerings “by force” so that they could spend it on their own selfish wants. Some of the guilt lies in the unbiblcal teaching surrounding money, giving and tithing in my opinion.

I think much of the teaching is just not supported by New Testament life or teaching. And I think we desperately need new ways modeled in relationship to giving, spending and sharing our resources. Most people don't give because they simply dont trust churches and leaders today and to be honest I dont blame them. We have often lost the focus of New Testament giving in the modern era.

But more than that, we simply don't look like Jesus, when it comes to how he lived, used and shared resources. God's kingdom is upside down when compared to the world but you would never figure that out looking many churches today. We need radical new and old expressions of counterculture uses of money; if we are going to find the hearts of people and see them join us in funding the work and life of the gospel in our communities.

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Scott said...

even when i first started pastoring something seemed inherently wrong with the whole idea of "robbing god" by not tithing off of your gross salary. it smacked of old testament/pre-covenant/christ annulling/ legalistic humanism. i was surprised to learn how as a pastor i must preach the ten percent tithe, while seeing a different model in Jesus. i think you have done a great job of asking for new models and mentalities of giving without the religious trappings - with a 'joyful heart'.

great post