Monday, June 05, 2006

I was sick and you...?

EVERY DAY in Africa the death toll to AIDS is twice that of those who
died in
the Twin Towers in America! Every day 6 to 7 thousand people die of
Africa. Almost 1/2 of these deaths are in South Africa! This will
increase rapidly unless
individuals and churches rise and confront this terror and act with
heroic faith
and courage!
-Pastor Dallas Sphar, GMSA & Storehouse Africa Generational Church

Dallas is a friend of mine who moved his entire family to South
Africa a number of years ago and is currently building a church
community and serving the desperate needs of the beautiful people of
South Africa. This is an excerpt from his recent email, I look
forward to someday accepting his offer and bring a team to S.A. and
see what God is doing in their land.

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