Monday, June 26, 2006

Which one do you believe?

Salvation: God's work or man's choice?


Mel said...

Hi Pastor Eric,

In the short amount of time I've had to skim through the material, I'd have to say I don't think either theology is completely accurate. I don't believe for a second that the human will has no part to play in salvation. If free will did not carry with it the choice to believe or not believe, to confess or not confess, to love or not to love, then why would God have created people with free will in the first place? Salvation and the intimate relationship with God that springs from it is a gift that cannot be earned, but it most certainly must be received. The God I know and worship does not force Himself on people, but desires jealously for their freely-given love, devotion, trust, etc.

Very interesting chart for comparisons. I intend to look at it further. Thank you for sharing. And greetings to all of your family and flock! :)

FCB said...

This may seem odd to you, seeing that 80% of the books in my library are Calvinistic, pro-predestination. And I think there is so much to be gained by reading Calvin, Pink, the Puritans, all who believed in Predestination. They present a picture of God that is in control of the world, His will cannot be frustrated by man's will and is truly Sovereign.
That being said, after all my reading and believing, I stand by Jeremy Taylor's statement about the two sided issue as he spoke to Ministers concerning their duty--

"And who but a madman would trouble their heads with the entangled links of the fanatic chain of predestination?

Teach them to fear God and honor the King, to be sober and temperate....teach them charity and to be zealous of good works."

Unknown said...

Interesting father considering the books in your library but I think that the truth is best captured in the way Jesus dealt with the woman who was caught in adultery. First one must know that Jesus does not "condemn" us and then we can "go and sin no more". I think the church has gotten the message backward in these man centered days. I pray for another reformation to swing us back to a more God centered and focused gospel. man has had glory for too long. Apart from Christ we can do nothing but you would never get that perspective listening to much of today's preaching